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<span itemprop='name'>PolyBronze Bushing Set, Rear Spring Plate, 911/912/930 (1968-89) </span><BR>

PolyBronze Bushing Set, Rear Spring Plate, 911/912/930 (1968-89)


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Replace your compliant factory rubber bushings with these PolyBronze bushings for precise and friction free suspension operation.

No squeaking or binding that is commonly associated with rubber or Delrin bushings.

A high precision steel sleeve presses onto the spring plates for the bearing ID.  For the bearing OD, another precision bronze sleeve presses into the factory bushing carriers.

A urethane outer liner on the outer sleeve absorbs and minimizes road noise and vibration.

The built in grease fitting distributes grease evenly through the figure 8 groove in the outer sleeve.