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<span itemprop='name'>Strut Modification, Raise Spindle & Gusset</span><BR>

Strut Modification, Raise Spindle & Gusset


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Raising the spindles on a 911 or 914 is the only way to properly lower the front of the car and retain the correct suspension geometry.  Since these cars are equipped with McPherson type front struts, Porsche designed the A-arms to operate through a specific range of travel.  By raising the spindles the car sits lower to the ground, but effectively preserves this desired range of travel and suspension geometry.


Your spindles are raised and welded to your specifications, depending on your application.


Gussets are added for improved strength and reliability.  Just like the factory RSR struts.


Struts are then bead blasted clean and repainted to match the original Bilstien or Koni color.

If desired, your spindles can also be de-cambered by up to 3 more degrees.  This allows for increased negative front wheel camber, which is needed for competition applications.

For 911's (69-89) and all 930's, 914's, 912's equipped with Bilstein or Koni struts.

Price is per pair.  Additional camber angles available by request.