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<span itemprop='name'>Wevo Semi-Solid Mount (ea), 986/987 Eng.</span><BR>

Wevo Semi-Solid Mount (ea), 986/987 Eng.


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The Wevo 986/987 SS Racing Engine mount is designed for competition cars and offers maximum control of the drivetrain mass – without overt concessions to NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) . This competition series mount is installed within the original 986/987 & 996 mount, re-using the die cast aluminum housing and flat rubber isolator flaps that straddle the mount. Unlike Solid engine or transmission mount systems, the Semi Solid installation provides sufficient isolation from engine vibrations to protect your sensitive engine control electronics and instrumentation systems.

The 986/987SS Racing Engine mount & 996 transmssion mount uses a 3 piece design, where a pair of aluminum hubs are completely isolated from the alloy housing by the elastomer pillow (orange part). This flexible interface between the two solidly mounted brackets - engine and chassis - is the key to managing destructive vibrations from being transferred between systems.
Technical Note: The M12 bolt through the Engine or Transmission mount should be tightened to 40 ft/lbs or 55 Nm. The M12 Schnorr (serrated) washer should be installed directly under the head of the M12 bolt. The M8 hardware should be tightened to 18 ft/lbs or 25 Nm using the original arrangement of washer and nut.
Note: Factory housing shown is not included.  A press and selection of press tools will be necessary to remove the O.E. rubber mount prior to installation of the SS Racing Engine Mount in the factory housing. Installation of the SS Racing Engine Mount requires no special tools.
Part #W986SSEM for Porsche 986/987, '97-'09
Part #W987SSEM for Porsche 987, 2010 and on
*Recommended for track use only.