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<span itemprop='name'>987 & 981 PSS9/10 Spring Upgrade Kit</span><BR>

987 & 981 PSS9/10 Spring Upgrade Kit


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After numerous requests for a spring upgrade package for the 987 or 981 with PSS9/10's, Tarett Engineering has put this kit together with the most popular springs rates. A perfect combination for hot street or track use, the 450/500 spring rates will reduce body roll and improve suspension response. The rates are within the Bilstein adjustment range without needing to be revalved. Other rates available on request. We chose Swift springs for this kit because they are the lightest, strongest, and highest quality springs on the market today. The spring adapter is made from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for its high strength and light weight, and is anodized our signature red finish for corrosion resistance. Together with needed rear helper springs and spacers, and our custom spring adapters, this is a complete drop in spring upgrade kit.
  • Reduced body roll
  • Improved suspension response
  • Highest quality Swift racing springs
  • Complete bolt in kit
          Each 987 kit (shown above) comes complete with:
  • 2 Front 450 lb/in Swift main springs
  • 2 Rear 500 lb/in Swift main springs
  • 2 Rear Swift helper springs with spacers and thrust plates
  • 2 Rear upper spring adapters (hats)
     Each 981 kit also includes:
  • 2 Front Swift Helper springs with spacers and thrust plates
  • 2 Front upper spring adapters (hats)
Part #987PSK

Rear strut shown below, with optional monoball mount. 

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