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Swift Metric Coilover Springs


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Tarett Engineering is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Swift Springs. Swift Spring’s products are the flagship that made Swift a customary name in the world’s most famous racing series. Swift Springs have decreased unsprung mass, increased stroke, and increased handling. The only thing you will be losing is track time. The proven concepts and theories of countless engineers were materialized in the development of these springs. The end result is that Swift Springs are the lightest, most durable, and have the most linear spring rate on the market today.


Each spring is exclusively made with a material called H5S.TW. Without this specially designed material, their light weight spring design does not exist. Swift offers the most extensive range of metric coilover springs from 3kg through 34kg in various inner diameters and spring lengths. The diameter, length, and rates that Swift offers will benefit users with a dual propose - a daily comfortable commute, while having the ability to rev up your engines and hit the track!


Click for available sizes and specs for Main Springs & Assist & Helper SpringsPlease choose between the main springs, the helper springs (with adaptor spacers), and the assist springs (with adaptor spacers).  Add the part numbers in the notes window with your order.  If you have any questions or would like to place an order by phone, please feel free to contact us directly.