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<span itemprop='name'>Toe Link (pr), Tarett, all 993</span><BR>

Toe Link (pr), Tarett, all 993


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Restore proper suspension geometry with this adjustable lower rear control arm.   The factory control arm can’t compensate enough when lowering your 993, leaving you stuck with as much as ½” of toe in. The result is poor handling and rapid tire wear.  This kit will provide the additional adjustment needed.
The adjusting link has a left and right hand thread on each end. Rotating the link will increase or decrease the overall length of the arm.


A precision Teflon lined spherical rod end replaces the compliant rubber factory bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes during acceleration and deceleration.
Now available, rod end boots to seal out dirt and moisture.
Part #993TLNK


Locking Plate Kit, For Adjustable Toe Link