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<span itemprop='name'>Bilt Racing 2QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit</span><BR>

Bilt Racing 2QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit


The bilt racing 2 QT Deep Sump Kit provides as much added oil as an Accusump kit, but takes oil control to a whole new level. Pro-racing teams use this kit to solve their oil pressure problems completely.
The 2 quart kit is the only one that includes a custom X51-style baffle with hinged oil control flaps to keep oil from the centrally located pickup, in addition to the windage tray that prevents the additional 2 quarts of engine oil from sloshing out of the sump. Include are 997 oil return tubes to insure that oil being pumped back to the sump returns as quickly as possible to the lower engine oil pickup. To simplify installation, we also include a re-usable gasket between the windage tray and the sump spacer. For added protection, install the Bilt Racing sump guard.
Part# 106-00.1