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<span itemprop='name'>Shift Cable Set, Cup Style</span><BR>

Shift Cable Set, Cup Style


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With these 996/997 Cup Style Cables, you can finally have ALL the benefits of owning a set of Porsche Cup Car cables without the price tag! Plus, a few key components were re-developed to increase the overall durability, strength, and longevity.
  • Includes two cables and all fasteners and rod ends needed to perform a complete install.
  • Precision ball bearing fastener for cable control to eliminate any chance of drag or friction during cable movement. 
  • Stainless steel adjustable rod ends with plastic coupler inserts provide cushion on the metal contacts to absorb noise and vibration encountered by OEM Cup Cables.
  • Aluminum cable mounting fasteners all the way around to replace Porsche's OEM plastic clip design.  Improves overall rigidity and connection strength and completely eliminates the chance of a broken fastener as well as any cable play.
  • Exact same length as the factory cables (BSR, CSR, & 996 Spec legal).
  • Fully compatible with both the factory shifter and our competition shifter.
Clearly these are best performance shifter cables on the market at the most affordable price! For ultimate results combine these Cup Cables with a Short Throw Shifter!

Installation instructions for NM202

Installation instructions for NM201

Part # NM200  97'-04' 986 (except 986S) & 987 5 spd
Part # NM201  05'-12' on 987 6 spd
Part # NM202  all  996/997/Turbo/GT3
Part # NM203  for 3.8 conversion on 00'-04' 986S & all 05'-12' 987
Part # NM204  00'-04' 986S



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