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Rear Control Arm (pr), Mini Cooper


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Replace your stock rear control arms with this high performance bolt in replacement.  The soft rubber bushings in the stock arms will flex and deform when loaded during cornering and braking, causing unwanted toe and camber changes.  These precision control arms eliminate those changes and thus provide improved suspension response, rear end stability, and better overall handling.  Additionally, they will allow for increased rear camber adjustment of between 0º to 4º, and fine tuning of toe.  This is a must have item for any Mini that has been lowered or is used on the track or for spirited street driving.

Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the arms are both lighter and stronger than the factory arms.  They are anodized for an attractive and durable long lasting corrosion resistant finish.

Left & right hand threaded rod ends allow for simple length adjustment to precisely adjust toe and camber.  The large precision grade, Teflon-lined rod-ends are custom preloaded to our specifications, and provide smooth and quiet operation, long life, and high reliability.  No wear or rattling problems, like those seen with other designs, due to undersized or low quality rod ends.

Stainless steel spacers allow for bind free operation and corrosion resistance.  They are superior in strength to the aluminum spacers, used in other designs, that can crush under loading.
This no compromise design is the best Mini rear control arm on the market, and is suitable for any application from street show to pro competition.  Sold in pairs, these links will replace either the upper toe or lower camber factory links.  Two pairs will replace all four links.  They come completely assembled, and with installation instructions.
Now available, rod end boots to seal out dirt and moisture.